Enjoy Teaching Art History

Are you a teacher or homeschooler? ARTK12 art history curriculum is designed so that you and your students will look forward to it. Your students will not only learn facts about art, but also how to think about it…and they’ll have fun doing it. So will you.

Draw the World!

ARTK12’s Draw the World series is fast becoming a favorite among homeschoolers. With easy step-by-step instructions the books introduce children to geography by giving them a primer in the borders and locations of states, provinces and countries.

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American Art History

Geography! Draw the World

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ARTK12 News

Africa Bingo Cover

Africa Bingo Changes Direction

The Africa Bingo game is evolving as the writing and research for this new series begins.

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ARTK12 Garage Photo Studio 2

The Impressive Undaunted Photography Novice

The Husband gets a new camera with a million settings he has no idea how to use. Does this stop him from pretending he knows exactly what he is doing? Of course not! New book photos are here!

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Africa Bingo Card

Africa Bingo Book to be Published

Geography bingo? Are you kidding me? Why didn't someone think of this before? Oh, well yes, someone did, but it always feels like you're the first when you discover it yourself. But as far we can tell no one has done Africa! So here we go! Fasten your seatbelts travelers! This could be a wild ride.

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ARTK12 Reviews, Mother and her daughter showing a thumbs up

Thou Shalt Not Whine Reviews ARTK12 American Art History

Thou Shalt Not Whine did not whine about ARTK12's American Art History Volume I book bundle in this review. Not sure about silly humor for your students? Read on, you may change your mind.

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Fun & Games

Vanitas by Harmen Steenwijck with Speech Bubbles


What do a skull and a candle have in common? Give up? They can both talk! Believe me, if you're in a Vanitas painting you've got plenty to say.

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Still Life: Strawberries, Nuts &c by Raphaelle Peale with Speech Bubbles

Still Life: Strawberries, Nuts &c

Have you ever wondered what an orange and a pitcher might talk about? I know, me too. All the time. It keeps me up at night. But we're all in luck because this orange and this pitcher have a lot to say!

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Max Schmitt in a Single Scull by Thomas Eakins with Thought Bubble

Max Schmitt in a Single Scull

Sitting alone, in a boat, on a quiet river on a sunny day. What kind of significant thoughts must run through a man's mind at such a time? We'll solve that mystery for you with our 7th in the series: Fine Art Speech Bubbles.

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Sistine Madonna (detail) by Raphael Sanzio with Bubbles

Sistine Madonna (detail)

Baby angels. What do they think about? No need to wonder any longer. Let's face it, babies of all kinds think about very similar things. This is the sixth in our series: Fine Art Speech Bubbles. Enjoy!

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