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Create Bible Verse Cards: Volume I

The first book in ARTK12’s Bible verse card series has been published and is available here and on Amazon.com. Great art paired with a Bible verse or verses. 10 Bible verse cards with 4 projects for each card.

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Try out a verse card:
Download a Free Verse Card (3.4MB PDF File)

The above video shows various parts of constructing a verse card and its projects accompanied by music: tearing out the pages, cutting out the verse card, folding the verse card, cutting and making the bracelets, cutting out and making the keychain card, cutting and making the bookmark which is then shown in a Bible and finally showing the finished product: 1 verse card, 3 bracelets, 2 matching game cards, a keychain card and a book mark. The video ends with the ARTK12 logo: ARTK12: Art History Disguised as Fun.

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Are you a teacher or homeschooler? ARTK12 art history curriculum is designed so that you and your students will look forward to it. Your students will not only learn facts about art, but also how to think about it…and they’ll have fun doing it. So will you.

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