ARTK12: Art History & Geography Disguised as Fun

American Studies Book Bundle

Our newest bundle includes 16 (or 17) books:

  • our best-selling USA geography books
  • a full year of American Art History
  • one children’s book on Mission Architecture
  • 6 American authors from our newest series: Literature Disguised as Fun
  • World War I American soldier’s letters home (optional)

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All the books in ARTK12's American Studies Bundle

Draw the Natural Wonders!

Our two new books are selling now: Draw the Natural Wonders of Europe has been out since April and Draw the Natural Wonders of the USA was just published at the end of May. These books are what many parents have asked for: geographical details that supplement the original 9 books in ARTK12’s Draw the World series

Draw the Natural Wonders of the USA Cover
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Literature Disguised as Fun

Our new Literature Disguised as Fun series introduces your students to great works of literature with full, unabridged texts from the authors, fun memes (buy them in color as downloads) and author bios, discussion questions and a “Wrap Up” that explains the work in more depth. One of the goals of Literature Disguised as Fun is to use great art when possible to convey themes and ideas from the written works in a humorous way.

The Bet by Anton Chekhov Book Cover: Literature Disguised as Fun
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ARTK12 Books

ARTK12 books educate and entertain; they are academic and fun. Geography, art history, homeschooling, World War I, Bible verse cards and children’s books are all here. The homeschooling community has purchased over 120,000 of our books. Take a look around and find out why.

All 9 books from ARTK12's Draw the World series

Book Bundles / Sets

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Draw the USA Cover

Geography Disguised as Fun

Draw the World Books

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American Art History: Volume I by Kristin J. Draeger

Art History Disguised as Fun

Native American through the early 20th Century

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Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson: Literature Disguised as Fun: Cover

Literature Disguised as Fun

10 books available: American, English and Russian authors.

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Ancient Greek Pottery by Kristin J. Draeger

Children's Art Books

Fun, Academic Art Books for your Youngest Students

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Create Bible Verse Cards: Volume 1

Create Bible Verse Cards

10 Creative Verse Card Projects

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Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books New Cover

Serious Fun

Homeschooling with Real Books

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The Worse for It, The world war one letters of Robert E. Schalles

World War I

Excellent WWI Primary Source for Students and Teachers

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