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This morning I intended to write a review of a game that accompanies my newest geography book, Draw Africa. The game is one in a series of geography games by Out of the Box publishers (the same company that publishes Apples to Apples) called 10 Days in Africa. However, I looked it up on amazon.com and see that it is OUT OF PRINT! (or whatever you call games when they are no longer being made) Rats! This is our family’s absolute favorite geography game and one of our favorite board games of all time.

10 Days in the USA

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Fortunately, it looks like they have only discontinued some in the series. Although 10 Days in Asia, 10 Days in the Americas, and 10 Days in Africa are no longer being produced (though there may be some used), 10 Days in Europe and 10 Days in the USA are still available! (I don’t think I’ve used so many exclamation points in one blog before (!))

Fabulous Games

All this is to say, the Africa, Asia and Americas games are fabulous finds if you can get your hands on one, and the Europe and USA games are well worth the $23 or so dollars. The gist of the game is to plot a trip across the continent in 10 days. The board is a simple map of the continent that the players use to decide where and how they will travel. They must connect 10 country cards by the correctly colored plane, car, ship, train or on foot to complete their vacation before any one else.

We enjoy this game because it’s fun, that it’s educational is a bonus. My teenage son and his friends will even elect to play it on their free time! (I’ll try to make that one the last! oops!)

Students Love It

Lucy uses these games in her classes and even though only 4 can play at once she sets up 3 games at a time and the kids love it! The manufacturer says that it is suitable for ages 10 and up, but I’m sure an astute 8-year-old could handle it just fine.

This is one of my all time favorite geography recommendations!

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