It didn’t take long to get 10 winners of ARTK12’s newest book, Creation of the World.

Our previous contest had only one repeat winner, while this one had four: two from our first contest and two from the last one.

Our winners this time came from these states:

  • Ohio (one of my best friends lives here)
  • Florida (spent a spring break in college here)
  • California (3 winners from here)
  • Virginia (went to college here)
  • Maryland (closest I’ve been to here is Washington D.C.)
  • Texas (I drove through this state once)
  • New Hampshire (never been here)
  • Alabama (never been here, either)

Not sure when our next book will be out. But it will be one of two from two new geography series. Most likely it will be Africa Bingo (our new geography Bingo series). The other series, not yet titled, will cover the fauna, flora, mountain ranges, rivers and other elements in Europe. Both these books will be good companion books to ARTK12’s current geography series.

We’ll be running these contests for all our new books. Sign up for the newsletter it you want to take part.


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