8 New Online Art Matching Games

ARTK12 Matching Game screeshot

Matching Game

Over the past few weeks I have added 8 new online art history matching games. These new games are all based on ARTK12’s American Art History series, four games per semester.

The games are meant to help your students review the art from the books and have fun doing it. The games will show your students their number of moves and time to complete the game or if they set up an account the system will save this information on the ARTK12 leaderboard for each game and on their own personal leaderboard page.

Screenshot of an ARTK12 Matching Game Leaderboard.

Matching Game Leaderboard

The game itself also had some bugs that have been fixed. One major one that my son (The Son) pointed out actually broke the game so that you could not continue. Please, if you or your students find any bugs in the games let me know (info@artk12.com).

The games can be played on any device, but the bigger the screen the better. I’ve played the games on my iPhone in landscape mode and that worked quite well. They also work on the iPad and of course the desktop of your choice.


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