A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Literature Disguised as Fun CoverThe newest book in the Literature Disguised as Fun book series is the classic story of greed and redemption, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Dickens wrote five Christmas novellas and A Christmas Carol is his most famous. It sold out immediately when it was first published in 1843 and continues to delight readers over 150 years later.

This edition of A Christmas Carol includes:

  • The full, unabridged text of A Christmas Carol
  • A brief Introduction
  • Pre-flight: foundational information to better understand the story before reading it
  • Wrap Up: some things to think about after reading the story.
  • Discussion questions for use by students or teachers
  • Cartoons, memes and faux posters that relate to the story
  • Original art from two earlier editions of the story
  • The Real Christmas Story: The birth of Jesus
  • “A Procrastinator Carol”: Creative biography about Dickens

Later this summer we will be publishing a hardback, Family Reading Edition, of the story. It’s a full color, larger edition for easy reading. Stay tuned.

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