As ARTK12 has changed over the years so have book covers. With the new book covers Kristin has tried to connect the ARTK12 brand via a similar design (When I use the term “brand” I feel really, really important!).  And now you get to see how it all happened!  Ready to start your tour? Let’s go.

Draw the USA Cover

This is the change that started it all. Draw the USA was selling a few copies here and there and ARTK12 was providing us with some coffee money. Then in 2015 there was a significant leap in sales (thanks to parents involved in Classical Conversations) and Kristin thought maybe her book should look more professional. The rest of Kristin’s map books have followed this new format.

American Art History Book Covers

The new map book covers got Kristin thinking about her American Art History books. These were some of the first books she wrote and back in the day instead of one history book for each semester, there were two. We even had black and white versions. She combined each semester’s two books into one. She also did this for the drawing books, then changed all the covers. Whew! Take a look!

Children’s Book Covers

The children’s books are taking a similar path (I know all this is terribly exciting!). The Mona Lisa Smiles cover will be changing to something similar to Mission Architecture and Ancient Greek Pottery.

The New and Improved Serious Fun Book Cover!

I know, I know this was the title. You’re saying to yourself: “Why didn’t you lead with this? This is what I’ve been waiting for.”

Well, I’m trying to learn nefarious marketing techniques. You know, tease the reader or viewer with something then lead them through a serpentine path of vaguely interesting material that will eventually get them to their final destination. Why do this? I have no idea!

So, here is the old and new cover! You are here! You have arrived! Prepare to be amazed! Ready?

Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books with the new cover is available now. All the content is the same. Kristin does have plans to come out with the third edition in 2020 or 2021 adding hundreds of additional books to the current list.

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