Africa Bingo Book to be Published

Africa Bingo CardOn the horizon is ARTK12’s new Africa Geography bingo game.

Four Frightening Levels

The bingo game will have four levels. In the first level the game leader will show the country and name it. In the second level (the car ride) the game leader will read (from the back of the card) the countries to drive through and the student must then determine the destination. In the third level (the plane ride) the game leader will read what countries to fly to and the student will again have to determine the destination. In the fourth level, the game leader will read one to five facts about the country (The capital will always be one). For each of these levels the students place a token on their bingo card for the corresponding country.

Some Rather Cool Examples

For example, on the car ride the game leader might read this:

Start in Algeria, stop for gas in Libya, get three flat tires in Chad and drive directly south from the southern most border of Chad to this country.

To play the facts level the game leader will read something like this:

  • The capital is Kinshasa
  • It is the 2nd largest country in Africa & 11th largest in the world
  • The Albertine Rift Mountains run through this country and others
  • The Volcano, Mount Nyiragongo, is in this country
  • The Central Zambezian miombo woodlands run through the southern part of this country

The book can stand alone but will also be a nice supplement to Draw Africa for review and some new material: the capitals and other facts about each country. There will be enough bingo cards for 10 students to play at a time. Like all our other bingo books this is a disposable book, you will need to take it apart in order to use it.

Work has started on the new book. We expect it to be published some time in March or April of 2018. Maybe sooner…but we know how these things go!

The Very First of Nine Books

This will be the first of nine books in this series. The next two will be Europe and the USA (in honor of Classical Conversations, yes, we know who you are and what you’re doing each year!). We are not sure of the publication order of the next six after that.

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