Africa Bingo: Geography Disguised as Fun by Kristin J. Draeger, Glen Draeger and Caleb ShortThe contest for a free Africa Bingo book started around 10:45 a.m. on December 4th and ended 62 minutes later. These are all new winners, no repeats from previous contests. Our winners come from these great states (listed in the order the responses came in):

    • California (My home state!)
    • Indiana (I’ve driven through this state)
    • Oklahoma (One of my best friends is from this state)
    • Michigan (My wife is from this state, i.e. THE AUTHOR)
    • Missouri (Their state dessert is the Ice Cream Cone!)
    • Colorado (My brother-in-law’s parents live here)
    • Kentucky (My roommate in college is from this state)
    • Alaska (Sadly, I’ve never been here)
    • Washington (I’ve been to Mt. Saint Helens)
    • Illinois (I’ve landed then flown out of Chicago)

Our winner from Kentucky was feeling giddy:

I feel like I won the lottery! This will be such a fun gift for my map drawing kiddos! We enjoy all of your geography books and have recommended them to many other homeschooling friends. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!

With gratefulness,
J. B.

If you didn’t win, you can still buy the book. If you don’t want any of our other books you can purchase Africa Bingo on for $19.95:

Buy Africa Bingo at

If you want some of our other books and your total is $58.00 or more, you can buy Africa Bingo here for $16.95.

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