Cover of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from the Literature Disguised as Fun series.Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is our next and 13th book in the Literature Disguised as Fun series. Lewis Carroll a mathematician and an uncle that most children would want, published the book in 1865. It became an instant and lasting success and much from the book has entered modern culture: down the rabbit hole, the white rabbit, off with her head and more.

Many movies, plays and songs have been made of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Many others have used themes from the book.

As with A Christmas Carol, we’ll be publishing 2 editions of the book: a student (black and white) edition and a hardback, color, family reading edition. There are many great, color illustrations from public domain editions of the book that we’ll be using in both editions.

Like all our editions this will  include:

  • The full, unabridged text of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • A brief Introduction
  • Pre-flight: foundational information to better understand the story before reading it
  • Wrap Up: some things to think about after reading the story.
  • Discussion questions for use by students or teachers
  • Cartoons, memes and faux posters that relate to the story
  • Original art from two earlier editions of the story
  • A creative biography about Lewis Carroll

We expect to publish sometime in September of 2023, most likely toward the end of the month.


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