American Art Bingo is Here!

American Art BIngo Volume II by Kristin J. DraegerWell, actually, it is there….there on American Art Bingo: Volume I and American Art Bingo: Volume II come with 32 and 31 flash cards of great American art and artifacts and 20 bingo cards (10 usable at one time). When Kristin taught classes this game was the favorite of her students.


These are disposable books. Once you receive them you (or the careful one in your family or a neighbor you trust or possibly grandma or grandpa) should carefully tear the books apart. You can then use as is or protect the pages with slip covers or even laminate them if you want.

The Price is Right

The books sell for $19.95 each (half price compared to buying them as ready-made cards).

And Just in Time for Christmas!

What a perfect Christmas gift! Fun and educational! Okay, that was shameless…I admit it. It’s not the “perfect” gift. Good grief! When you find the perfect gift let me know! But for now, this is a good one. Enjoy!

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American Art History: Volume I by Kristin J. Draeger

One More Thing

These books can be used by themselves, however they are also part of Kristin’s American Art History curriculum. This is a six volume set that covers an entire year (2 main books, 2 drawing books, 2 bingo books). These books are both educational and fun. As one mom stated:

“I’ll be totally honest with you here, and tell you that I haven’t totally been using this program as I had intended to when I first contacted ArtK12 about a review. Bug [her son] has hijacked the books completely, and instead of living on my curriculum shelf, they have been living on his desk. Because, what do you know, these books really are fun.”

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(FYI: the books she reviewed had the old covers.)

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Sample ARTK12 Flash & Bingo Cards

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