History is important. Without history how would you know where the good places to eat are? That’s not history, you say, or maybe you don’t say it, maybe you’re just thinking it or maybe you’re thinking, “he has a point”. I usually hear about good places to eat from my friends who have eaten at the places they recommend and when they ate there it occurred in the past. It’s history. Not like, “you’re history”, which is a terrible thing to say to someone, but like I ate at this place sometime in the past and at the time, the food was really good or maybe it was bad, in which case, that place is history!

American Art History: Volume I by Kristin J. DraegerHistory is 10 minutes ago or 10 days ago or 10 years ago or…you can see where I’m heading: back in time; not forward. Though both scenarios are fun to think about. Speaking of time travel, or was I writing about it? I think it was both because I’m talking while I’m typing. I don’t know that I normally do that. Strange days indeed.

The Point Is

You’re waiting, I know. I know because if you are reading this you’re here at these words. Other readers may have dropped off after the first paragraph. They’re not waiting.

So the point is ARTK12’s American Art History curriculum is awesome. It’s unique. It’s fun. It’s academic.

What’s it got in it?

Are you kidding? Bingo games, forgeries, faux newspaper articles and advertisements. Drawing instructions. Paintings. Artifacts. Fencing. Fighting. True love! Okay, the latter three are questionable, but all the rest is there.

Rainbow Resource had this to say:

Not only is this the only American art history course that I have ever seen for homeschool use, but it may be one of the most original approaches to art history that I have seen.

And this:

I’m impressed at the amount of information that is woven into the (very) humorous articles, and have found myself laughing at some of the commentary, names and advertisements included. If you’re looking for something dry and straightforward, this is probably not the program you are looking for!

So look, we know you’re probably here for the map books. But get side-tracked and take a good look at American Art History. You won’t be disappointed.

Know any good restaurants?

Hey, don’t leave yet. Check out these images!

Sample Pages From American Art History, Vols. I & II

Sample Pages from Drawing American Art, Vols. I & II

Sample Flash & Bingo Cards from American Art Bingo, Vols. I & II

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