Four books from our American Art History series are now available in digital format from Amazon. They are:

The bingo books are still only available in paperback for obvious reasons. These are consumable books which would make a digital format a bit frustrating.

You can save a significant amount of money buying the new digital formats, well over half the cost of Amazon retail prices:

Title Paperback Price Kindle/eBook Price
American Art History, Vol. I $39.95 $14.99
Drawing American Art, Vol. I $29.95 $6.95
American Art History, Vol. II $39.95 $14.99
Drawing American Art, Vol. II $29.95 $6.95
  $139.80 $43.88

What does it all mean?

With the money you save, buy some pizza. When is pizza ever a bad choice?

I’m impressed at the amount of information that is woven into the (very) humorous articles, and have found myself laughing at some of the commentary, names and advertisements included. If you’re looking for something dry and straightforward, this is probably not the program you are looking for!

— Jess, The Rainbow Resource

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