American Art History: Volume I by Kristin J. DraegerMost of you are here on ARTK12 because of Kristin’s Draw the World series, but she also has a full year of American Art History for your students. 32 lessons of academic information presented in a fun and entertaining way.

Rainbow Resource is Impressed

One the best reviews of this Art History curriculum comes from Rainbow Resource, an online book retailer that has been serving the homeschool community since 1989. With over 50,000 books and products, they have seen a lot over the years. Here’s what they had to say about ARTK12’s American Art History curriculum:

Not only is this the only American art history course that I have ever seen for homeschool use, but it may be one of the most original approaches to art history that I have seen.

I’m impressed at the amount of information that is woven into the (very) humorous articles, and have found myself laughing at some of the commentary, names and advertisements included. If you’re looking for something dry and straightforward, this is probably not the program you are looking for!

The course is designed for grades 3-8, but siblings that are older or younger may also wish to join in! At a pace of one lesson per week, the course is very doable, and as a mom I appreciate that the simple drawing projects help to cement the master artworks into the memory, not necessarily recreate each one in its original medium. The activities are simple and straightforward (little teacher prep required), the lessons are entertaining, and all of the books are high-quality and well-designed. If you spend a little time getting to know this one, I’m pretty sure you will be as enthusiastic as your students about this program!

American Art History Vol II - Sample 5It’s Easy for You, Fun for Students

I’d like to emphasize that very little prep time is needed for this curriculum, nor do you have to be an art expert or know how to draw to do the drawing projects with your students.

If you’re studying American History this year (and we know many of you in Classical Conversations are) this will work perfectly and will not add much to your prep time during the week. You simply:

  1. Play the bingo game
  2. Read the chapter in American Art History (includes games, faux newspaper articles/advertisements and much more)
  3. Draw the piece of art.

Sample Pages From American Art History, Vols. I & II

Sample Pages from Drawing American Art, Vols. I & II

Sample Flash & Bingo Cards from American Art Bingo, Vols. I & II

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