Ancient Greek Pottery by Kristin J. DraegerARTK12’s next book will be Ancient Greek Pottery Disguised as Fun. Like the previous book, Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun, this is a yet another book that Kristin has had in the works for a long time that she is now finishing up.

Ancient Greek Pottery presents your youngest students (baby to 6 years old) photos of a variety of ancient Greek pottery decorated with images from Greek mythology as well as everyday life using simple rhymes to teach your students about Greek pottery.

From skyphoi to stamnoi, this book has them all. Amid the rhyming text and the crazy comments by the figures that inhabit the pottery your students will drink in the beauty of red-figure and black-figure pottery from Ancient Greece.

And when you’re all done reading the book to your little ones…you know, after the 10th time through (once is never enough!), there are hidden fish throughout for your inquisitive sleuths to find.

Ancient Greek Pottery Disguised as Fun will sell for $9.95 on and $7.95 on ARTK12 (requires a minimum cart total).

Sample Pages from Ancient Greek Pottery

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