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American Art BIngo Volume II by Kristin J. DraegerARTK12 art bingo games are played like traditional bingo. Each student is given a bingo card with sixteen images on it. These images show portions of the 32 pieces of art studied during the semester (the game can also be played completely on it’s own, that is, it’s not necessary to buy the full ARTK12 Art History curriculum to play the art bingo games).

The teacher has 32 flash cards, each showing a particular piece of art (painting, sculpture, etc.). The teacher holds up the flash card stating the name of the art piece, it’s author and any other information they’d like. Students place some kind of token on the appropriate square.

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There are many ways to play the art bingo games:

Line Art Bingo

The winner in a line art bingo game is the first player to get four in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Blackout Art Bingo / Square Art Bingo / X Art Bingo

The winner in a blackout art bingo game is the first player to put a token on every square. In square art bingo the player is required to form a square and in X art bingo the player must create an X on the card.

More Art Bingo Game Variations!

Fish Cracker Bingo

In the fish cracker bingo the student begins with each square covered by a fish cracker or some other snack food. It’s up to you whether it is healthy or decadent or somewhere in between. As the images are called out the food is removed…..and eaten. First person to eat all their food wins.

Invisible Bingo

This can only be played toward the end of the semester when students are very familiar with the art works. Images are called out just like the regular Art Bingo, but the teacher does not show the images. Students have to remember what the art works look like and find them on their card.

Sample Flash and Bingo Cards

Click images for larger view.

Art History Disguised as Fun

Art bingo games help students review the facts about the art in an enjoyable way.

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