Art Class Curriculum

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Art Curriculum for Classrooms

ARTK12 art class curriculum is great for a once-a-week art lesson. It’s ideal for elementary school teachers or parents leading homeschool groups. The preparation has been done for you so that a teacher or parent can easily come to class with the student book, the drawing book and the bingo cards and teach a lesson about some great art without losing sleep the night before.

Fun and Meaningful? Get Out!

The art curriculum from ARTK12 approaches art history in a fun and meaningful way. Traditionally art classes tend to approach art as a history of techniques and information about the artists. This is all well and good but it misses the most interesting aspect of art: what does it mean?

ARTK12 art class curriculum covers techniques, artists and meaning with faux interviews and advertisements, cartoons and two games: the forgery game and the bingo game.

What’s the Difference?

In the forgery game, students look at the original art and compare it with a forgery to find 10 differences. This helps students study art in depth without realizing it.

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The bingo game reviews the title of the art and name of the artist requiring the student to connect the visual representation of each of them in a friendly, competitive atmosphere with fellow students.

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Let’s Draw!

ARTK12’s art class curriculum also helps students draw a great art piece….successfully. Templates give students a great starting point and with the step-by-step instructions students finish something they’ll be happy with and proud of.

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