Art Curriculum for Elementary School

Challenge the Challenging

Page From ARTK12 Curriculum. Boston Babbler. Flat is Where It's At. They’re a challenge aren’t they? Elementary-aged children are loaded with energy and are really good at “keeping you on your toes” to steal a phrase from The Princess Bride. The good news is they will soak up just about anything you give them, including art curriculum, provided it is interesting, funny and challenging.

ARTK12 art curriculum aims to accomplish all three.

Good grief, my toupee just fell into the water.

Need Time? We Got That.

You’re busy. You need something that someone has put a lot of thought and effort into and something that isn’t going to take you 4 hours to prepare once the kids are in bed….for the final time.

With ARTK12’s art curriculum your children will learn about great art, the art that has withstood the test of time. And you can pick up the books and get started with little or no preparation, because the preparation has already been done for you.

Read, Laugh, Play, Draw…Learn

Read a chapter to them with cartoons, advertisements, interviews and humor that teaches your students about the artist and how to interpret a painting.

Then have them play the forgeries, play an art bingo game and follow the easy step-by-step instructions to reproduce a famous piece of art.

The curriculum works. I use it and have used it in my art classes. Take a look at some sample pages and let me know if you have questions (

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