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 Forgery Paul Revere Coffee PotARTK12 incorporates two art games in its curriculum: forgeries and bingo. The goal of the games is to have students learn more about the art in a way that is both fun and engaging. These art games have been used with ARTK12 students for many years and are very effective.

The Forgery Art Game

The forgery game is contained within ARTK12 student books (for example, American Art History: Volume I). Each chapter has 2 forgery art games for a total of 16 forgeries per volume. This includes the original art on one page and the forgery on the facing page.

American Art History Volume I » »

The forgery game can be played in a couple of different ways:

Find Them If You Can

Each forgery has 10 differences from the original. Students simply attempt to find all 10 differences (answers are in the back of the book).

A Little Competition Goes a Long Way

Another way to play the forgery art game is to break up students into teams of two. The first team to find all 10 differences wins. A good referee is also helpful. Prizes help and food is also a great motivator…make sure to buy enough for yourself!

Peale OriginalPeale Forgery

The Bingo Art Game

The bingo game is played like traditional bingo. Each student is given a bingo card with sixteen images on it. These images show portions of the art that has been studied in the student handbook.

American Art Bingo »

American Art BIngo Volume II by Kristin J. DraegerThe teacher holds up the flash card stating the name of the art piece, it’s author and any other information they’d like. Students place some kind of token on the appropriate square.

There are two ways to play the bingo game:

What’s Your Line?

The winner in line bingo is the first player to get four in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

I Think He Blacked Out

The winner in blackout bingo is the first player to put a token on every square.

Art Games Disguised as Fun

The forgery game helps the student carefully look at a piece of art and remember its details and the bingo game helps the student review the facts about the art (name, rank and serial number) in an enjoyable way.

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