Art History Bingo Cards Coming to

bingo_i-ii_opt_page_32ARTK12 sells art history bingo cards. They’re expensive ($39.95). We know this. We have been unable to find a printing solution that keeps the cards reasonably priced and allows us to make an exorbitant profit….just kidding….a reasonable profit. The cards are very nice, but probably not a priority for most homeschooling households at 80 bucks for two sets plus the cost of shipping and handling.

The Plan, Stan

So we have a plan. We are going to offer the cards on Amazon in book form. These will be disposable books. What you’ll have to do is rip the pages out…..I mean carefully cut out the pages and either use them as is (not recommended) or protect them in someway for prolonged use (protective covers, lamination, etc).

bingo_i-ii_opt_page_27The Price

We are not yet sure of the price, but we are hoping to keep them under $20.00 per book (there will be 2 books)….so about half their current price.

Publication Date

Let’s see here….it’s August 25 at 5:35 p.m… August 26th is probably out. The plan is (I’m just deciding this right now as I’m writing so don’t hold me to it) to put the first volume on sale by October 1, 2016, second volume will follow on November 1, 2016. We’ll see. Wish me luck!

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