Art History Curriculum for Kids

Like girls, as the popular Cindy Lauper song said, kids just want to have fun. Who can blame them? Who doesn’t like having fun? If the curriculum they’re using is fun, they’ll also learn a lot too.

Art history curriculum for kids should be fun, but fun doesn’t mean unchallenging or easy. Curriculum for kids should be both challenging and entertaining. There’s no need to avoid substantial topics, they can handle it if it’s presented well…if it makes them want to learn more. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Boredom is the enemy of learning. Learning can be fun!

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ARTK12’s art history curriculum for kids accomplishes this in a number of ways.

Cartoons for Kids

ARTK12 Art History Cartoon

ARTK12 Art History Cartoon

Art Forgeries

Can you find the differences?

ARTK12 Art Forgery Game - OriginalARTK12 Art Forgery Game - Forgery

Faux Advertisements

Car and beer companies shouldn’t have all the fun!

ARTK12 Art History AdvertisementARTK12 Art History Advertisement

Faux Interviews

Watch out Sixty Minutes!

ARTK12 Art History Interview for KidsARTK12 Art History Interview for Kids

Bingo Games

The payout? Learning, unless you try some food related bingo games. Then it’s learning and food. Kids love it! See some bingo game ideas»»

American Art History Bingo Card 6American Art History Bingo Card 2Bingo American Art Volumes I & II 12

Drawing Projects for Kids

They’ll remember the art they’re studying and have a nice drawing to show grandma!

ARTK12 Art History Drawing Project - MissionARTK12 Art History Drawing Project - MissionARTK12 Art History Drawing Project - MissionARTK12 Art History Drawing Project - Mission

View American Art History Curriculum

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