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Does this art really exist?

Many of you are probably wondering if the art studied in the American Art History books actually exists. No, really, of course you are. How do you know it does? Have you seen it? Have I seen it? Maybe Kristin has fabricated it all simply to sell books. You never know!

Wonder no more. Today, we have received definitive proof that at least some of the art studied ARTK12’s American Art History curriculum does actually exist. We have a connection to someone who has stood before the paintings and photographed them! Whew!

Today we received this email (I almost said “letter”) from Catherine who purchased Kristin’s American Art History, Semester I Book Bundle last year.


I just want you to see the impact you had on our art curriculum this fall.  You can see by the photos what curriculum we studied.  We live in Montana and had to be on the east coast in the fall.  Look at what we saw in person.  I made my husband make a detour to Worcester, MA on the way to DC just so we could see, in real life, what the girls had studied and drawn.  

Thank you so much for the way in which you educate us in the field of art.  We are all better for it.

Totally grateful,

Gilbert Stuart at Worcester Art Museum
Paul Revere at Worcester Art Museum
Gilbert Stuart at the Portrait Gallery, Washing DC
Didn’t study the Captain, but certainly recognized his face from your book.

Here are the photos that Catherine took (Your students can study all these in American Art History, Volume I):

Glad we got all that cleared up!

Happy New Year!

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