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American Art History Volume II by Kristin J. DraegerARTK12’s art lesson plans come in the form of  books and bingo games. Each art lesson plan is set up for a once-a-week two hour session, ideal for homeschoolers or classroom teachers. There are three books required for each art lesson: a student book, a drawing book and the art bingo book.

ARTK12 Art Lesson Plans:
Quick Preparation, Solid Information, Lots of Fun

The last thing you need is an art lesson plan that requires hours of preparation on your part. ARTK12 has done the preparation and research for you. Each chapter in the student book covers two pieces of art in a fun and entertaining way while at the same time discussing the artist, the art’s history and its meaning. The latter is something often glossed over in art education.

You can read the chapter to them or have them read it. They can then play the two art forgery games in each chapter, something students love.

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But I Can’t Draw

Don’t worry if you can’t draw. You don’t have to. The drawing art lesson plans provide an easy step-by-step process whereby the student recreates a portion of or the full art piece in way that won’t frustrate them, but will still be something they’ll want to show grandma (grandpa too!).


Finally, the art bingo game is great way to review the art that has been studied and that will be studied in the future. There are many ways to play the game.

Last, But not Least

Lastly, the art lesson plans are set up so students can read “companion” books during the rest of the week. These are books that are already published which can be purchased at book stores or checked out from libraries. For my classes, I have a class set and let students check out up to five books a week.

These are books that relate to the art being studied, books that have a lot of great information in them and books that students enjoy reading. See my book, Serious Fun for more on companion books.

The ARTK12 Art Lesson Plan: Just the Facts

ARTK12 curriculum has four parts. Each part can stand alone, but ideally they should be used in conjunction with one another to provide a great art lesson plan. For more information see the link below:

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