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From American Art History, Volume II, a general says, "Forget your toes men, this a battle, not ballet."So there you stand, the “Art” Teacher, in front of a class of highly motivated……well….somewhat motivated….okay, slightly motivated, possibly even bored students with your art curriculum and in the back of your mind you’re thinking about: School standards. State standards. Federal standards. Starbucks. Breaking Bad. Vacation. That boyfriend or girlfriend from 7th grade….and then a student raises a hand.

Detail from title page: Trompe L'oeil is More than Meets the Eye. It rhymes with "Stomp and Toy" From American Art History, Vol. IISo you stop thinking and out loud you say, “I am an Art Teacher. I have Art Curriculum. You will learn. Prepare yourselves.”

A Seasoned Art Teacher

This doesn’t work. Which is precisely why you didn’t actually say it….you’re a seasoned teacher, these are seasoned students. What you’d like to find is some art curriculum that isn’t the same old, same old, some art curriculum that doesn’t simply tell students the name of the painting, the painter who painted it and what art movement they fall into. Have their eyes glazed over yet?

Art History Curriculum Disguised as Fun

Detail from faux advertisement From American Art History, Vol. IIARTK12 art teacher curriculum aims to approach art in a compelling way. There are forgeries, cartoons, interviews, faux advertisements, bingo games and more. And though it does give the artist’s name, rank and serial number….it also gives a lot more. It asks your students to think about what the art means, teaches them how to interpret art and invites them to have fun while doing it.

And guess what? It’s ready to go. You won’t spend your evening grading papers and then preparing an art lesson. You can walk into a class with the student book, the drawing book and the art bingo game and be part of a compelling art lesson.

Philadelphia Feature. For The American School Matthew Pratt Gets Good Marks. From American Art History Volume IIThey’ll have fun, you’ll have fun and you’ll probably get a huge raise, be nominated for teacher of the year and be showcased on a special edition of 60 Minutes all because you used this art curriculum. You’ll get that special, highly-desirable teacher of the month parking space too.

Okay, getting that parking space is just plain silly.

Painting by Raphaelle, Portrait of Osborne Sprigg....Dog is saying, "Raphaelle really is quite a good portrait painter. Look at the sensitive eyes, the soft featuares, the intelligent gaze....and the boys looks pretty good too."  From American Art History, Vol. II

We Can Be Serious

In all seriousness, though, take a look at the art history curriculum ARTK12 offers. There are lots of sample pages on the web site. If  you have any questions please doesn’t hesitate to speak your mind:

View the American Art History Curriculum

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