ARTK12 Book Sets / Bundles for Sale

ARTK12 is now selling book sets / bundles direct to its customers. Our single books will continue to be sold on and the Rainbow Resource (the latter only sells the map books). All these sets will be sold on the ARTK12 website. Prices will be well below retail prices saving you from $25.00 to $54.00 depending on the set.

An Easy Step-by-Step Approach

Kristin’s Draw Map books are fast becoming a homeschool favorite. Sarah MacKenzie, Tsh (The Art of Simple), the Catholic Schoolhouse and others have recommended these books. There are currently 8 books in print and one more coming later this year. ARTK12 will be selling the 9 books currently in print for $139.49 with free shipping. That’s over $40.00 off the retail price.

Draw Map Set by Kristin J. DraegerThe books included are:

Buy the Draw Map Series

American Art History
Art History Disguised as Fun

American Art History, Semester 1 (3 books)

The art history curriculum is academic, substantial and fun! It is designed to be used once a week for a 16 week semester; each week's lesson takes about 2 hours and is very easy to teach – very little preparation needed. There are three books for each semester. You simply:

  1. Play the bingo game
  2. Read the chapter in American Art History (includes games, faux newspaper articles/advertisements and much more)
  3. Draw the piece of art.

Only one set is needed per family.

Read Reviews of the Art History Curriculum »

ARTK12 will be selling 3 different sets: 1st Semester (3 books), 2nd Semester (3 books) or 1st and 2nd Semester (6 books).

The semester sets will sell for $64.49 with free shipping. That’s over $25.00 off the retail price. The full year set (Semesters 1 and 2) will sell for $125.49 with free shipping. That’s a savings of over $54.00 off the retail price.

Books included in the American Art sets are:

Buy the Full Year of American Art Curriculum

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