ARTK12 Bulk Ordering / Wholesale Information

If you represent a retailer, school, homeschooling group, library or just want to bulk order some of ARTK12’s books details follow.

We now offer bulk ordering on the website. If you prefer direct contact please continue reading this entire page. The details for bulk orders on the website:

If you are a retailer in California, please DO NOT order on the website, as the system will charge you tax. Contact us. Thanks!

NEW! You can now bulk order directly from our website. Applies to single books in any combination. Bundles are not eligible for bulk ordering. BULK ORDERS CANNOT BE RETURNED unless books are damaged. Make sure you want the books before doing a bulk order. Shipping is included for USA destinations. Current discounts* are based on ARTK12 website and retail prices (see table).

*Book thresholds and discount rates may change at anytime and may not be the same for all books.

Bulk Discount Rates
Number of BooksDiscount
25 - 3430% off retail
17.5% off ARTK12
35 - 4933.5% off retail
22% off ARTK12
50+40% off retail
29% off ARTK12

The discounts on ARTK12 for 50+ or more books are the same as below. The percentage is lower on ARTK12 because our prices are lower than the retail prices on Amazon.

If you would prefer direct contact with ARTK12 for bulk ordering, please read on.

The Fine Print*

Let’s just get this out of the way first. Please read carefully.

The following information only applies to books shipped within the USA. For international orders please contact ARTK12:

  • Bulk Orders: A bulk order is considered to be 50 or more books in any combination shipped to a single address. We may make exceptions for schools or libraries on the number of books. Please inquire. For orders of 25 or more but less than 50 please use the website. It’s quick and easy. For 50 or more books you can still use the website if you like.
  • Return Policy: ARTK12 DOES NOT accept returns for bulk orders. Be sure you want the books before you order them. It is a good idea to order one copy of each book (from Amazon, Rainbow Resource or right here on ARTK12) that you plan to bulk order to make sure you want them. Grandma may love the books, you may not.
  • Do Not Try to Bulk Order on Amazon: All bulk orders must go directly through ARTK12 (inquire at or 928.533.1661 or download the order forms below). You cannot bulk order through our website, so please call, email us or download the forms below. Once we receive your order if you are paying by credit card we will set up a password protected page on ARTK12 where you can place your order. If you try to bulk order on Amazon they will laugh at you behind your back. I’ve seen them do it. It’s embarrassing.
  • Shipping: We pay for shipping for Amazon’s least expensive shipping method whatever that may be (our books are printed and shipped through Please let us know if you want expedited shipping. Don’t do expedited shipping. You’ll have to pay more and the books will get to you soon enough….seriously. They will. And we’ll just try to talk you out of it anyway.
  • Payments: Full payment is required before books will be shipped. If you are an established retailer we may waive the full payment requirement. Please inquire.
  • Payment Methods: We accept checks and credit cards for bulk orders. With checks we will not process the order until your check has cleared. We may waive this policy for established retailers and schools. If you are paying by Credit Card we’ll set up a password protected page on ARTK12 where you can pay for your order.
  • Book Prices: See bulk prices below.
  • California Residents: California residents will be charged the appropriate CA state tax.
  • Coupons: You may not use coupons on bulk orders.

Download an Order Form

You can download an order form in either Numbers (Apple) or Excel (Windows) format. Fill it out and email it back to us and we’ll contact you with more details. The spreadsheet will make calculations for you. This was made in Numbers, so not sure if the calculations will pass over to Excel.

Download (Numbers-ZIP / 700KB) , opens new window Download (Excel-ZIP / 10KB) , opens new window

The Prices (based on 50 books or more)

Title Retail Price Discount Bulk Price (per book)
Draw the World $19.95 40% $11.97
Draw the USA $19.95 40% $11.97
Draw Europe $19.95 40% $11.97
Draw Canada & Greenland $19.95 40% $11.97
Draw Africa $19.95 40% $11.97
Draw Asia I $19.95 40% $11.97
Draw Asia II $19.95 40% $11.97
Draw Mexico, Central & South America $19.95 40% $11.97
Draw Oceania $19.95 40% $11.97
Draw the Natural Wonders of Europe $19.95 40% $11.97
Title Retail Price Discount Bulk Price (per book)
Africa Bingo $19.95 40% $11.97
Africa EXTRA Bingo Cards $19.95 40% $11.97
USA Bingo $19.95 40% $11.97
USA EXTRA Bingo Cards $19.95 40% $11.97
Title Retail Price Discount Bulk Price (per book)
American Art History: Vol. I $39.95 40% $23.97
Drawing American Art: Vol. I $29.95 40% $17.97
American Art Bingo: Vol I $19.95 40% $11.97
American Art Extra Bingo Cards: Vol I $19.95 40% $11.97
American Art History: Vol. II $39.95 40% $23.97
Drawing American Art: Vol. II $29.95 40% $17.97
American Art Bingo: Vol II $19.95 40% $11.97
American Art Extra Bingo Cards: Vol II $19.95 40% $11.97
Title Retail Price Discount Bulk Price (per book)
Serious Fun $14.95 40% $8.97
Mission Architecture $9.95 40% $5.97
Ancient Greek Pottery $9.95 40% $5.97
Mona Lisa $11.95 40% $7.17
Mona Lisa Smiles $9.95 40% $5.97
The Worse for It (Paperback) $15.95 40% $9.57
The Worse for It (Hardback) $24.95 40% $14.97
Title Retail Price Discount Bulk Price (per book)
Create Bible Verse Cards: Volume I $14.95 40% $8.97
Creation of the World $9.95 40% $5.97

Book ISBNs

  • 9781492278955 / Draw the USA
  • 9781502918994 / Draw Africa
  • 9781514150160 / Draw Europe
  • 9781517193317 / Draw Canada and Greenland
  • 9781518887420 / Draw Asia I
  • 9781530672110 / Draw Asia II
  • 9781534983960 / Draw Mexico
  • 9781542363433 / Draw the World
  • 9781545527047 / Draw Oceania
  • 9781658668705 / USA Bingo
  • 9798647816900 / USA EXTRA Bingo
  • 9781984333360 / Africa Bingo
  • 9798650053200 / Africa EXTRA Bingo
  • 9781483991498 / American Art History: V. I
  • 9781477577257 / Drawing American Art V. I
  • 9781537572987 / American Art Bingo V. I
  • 9781497450677 / American Art History: V. II
  • 9781497575752 / Drawing American Art V. II
  • 9781539009771 / American Art Bingo V. II
  • 9781981992492 / A Art Extra Bingo V. I
  • 9781981993574 / A Art Extra Bingo V. II
  • 9781482303247 / Serious Fun
  • 9781451516876 / Mona Lisa Smiles
  • 9781451528695 / Mona Lisa
  • 9781793127495 / Mission Architecture Disguised as Fun
  • 9781512158700 / Ancient Greek Pottery Disguised as Fun
  • 9781731405722 / Create Bible Verse Cards: Vol. I
  • 9781090639332 / Creation of the World

* These policies and prices may change at anytime.