ARTK12 Games Moves

American White Pelican PuzzleIf you’re looking for our art games, we have moved them to

But why!?

The games are getting very popular and we are receiving a lot of traffic which puts more of a burden on ARTK12.COM. We don’t want our paying customers to experience any issues while they’re trying to buy our books because we like to eat. Occasionally, we like coffee. Sometimes we like to buy ice cream. So, we want to keep our paying customers happy by keeping the website fast and efficient so we can buy large containers of food at Costco that we don’t need.

We hope you understand.

If you’re trying to access games here, you should be redirected to our new games site. There you can find all our games in their own space. They’re pretty happy with their new digs. They told me so. Not funny, I know, but I’m just trying to get this blog out and do it as quickly as possible because no one reads these type of blogs anyway. Seriously, if you got this far, you are to be commended and I thank you for enduring this.


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