ARTK12 Gear is Here!

I Can Draw the USA T-Shirt

I Can Draw!

We have finally opened up our ARTK12 Gear Store. We’re starting out selling t-shirts, hats and buttons but will be adding other products in the future (most likely magnets and mugs).

Prizes for a Job Well Done

These products make great prizes for your students who have completed or mastered drawing the various continents and countries in Kristin’s Draw Map series. Each shirt incorporates the final map drawing from the book along with the words:

I Can Draw [The Country/Continent]

I Can Draw the Mexico, Central & South America T-ShirtI Can Draw the Asia T-ShirtI Can Draw the Europe T-Shirt

We are offering many different types of t-shirts and even sweatshirts. We offer girls’ and boys’ t-shirts. Unfortunately, there is not a solid economical kid’s t-shirt, so we also offer an adult economy t-shirt that may work for some of your older students. It’s our most economical t-shirt coming in at $11.99.

Buttons…lots of them

The buttons may be a good option if you want your students to have a prize for each map they draw. Teachers can buy 10 packs if they need them. If you need to buy more than that please let us know (

I Can Draw Europe Button I Can Draw the USA Button I Can Draw Europe Hat

Hope you enjoy and please let us know if there are other products you might like.

Visit the ARTK12 Gear Store

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