ARTK12 Map Book Discounts

The information in this post is not completely correct. You may now purchase our books in any combination with no minimum purchase amount or book amount.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled post.

Multiple copies of Draw the USA by Kristin J. DraegerA couple of months ago we started selling the full map book set (6-8 books) and American Art History sets on the ARTK12 website. Amazon does not sell our books as a set and we can offer the book bundles at a substantial savings off the single book retail price.

This month we will begin offering multiple book purchases of a single map book title (minimum of 5 books) for $16.95 each, a $3.00 savings off the retail price. This price includes free shipping.

This offering would be helpful for homeschool groups or teachers who want to purchase books for all of their students. Maybe you are in charge of a geography program or are a teacher who charges for your classes.

You may also know several other homeschoolers who want ARTK12 geography books in which case you can pool your money (make sure you collect it up front!) and save a few George Washington’s for a cup of joe.

In any case, you can purchase 5 or more map books of the same title at the $16.95 price right here on ARTK12. Try to maintain your composure!

We are currently only offering the map books in this format. The art history books can be purchased as a set for either Semester 1 or Semester 2 or you can buy the entire American Art History set.

If you only want a single book, Amazon is the place to go. If you have Amazon Prime you may even get a discount off the retail price and possibly free shipping.

If you are looking to buy 50 or more books check out ARTK12’s bulk pricing. This is good option for retailers, schools or large homeschooling groups.



We have entertained the idea of doing the individual states, but not sure there is enough demand for it. You are the first person to ever ask this.


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