ARTK12 Now Ships to Canada

Map of Canada

Now Shipping Here!

I had been thinking about trying to figure out the best way to ship books to other countries. Thinking about it. Procrastinating about it. Thinking some more about it. Snacking periodically. Forgetting about it. Staring vacantly off in the distance while not thinking about it. Remembering it…..for brief moments….and…..forgetting again.

But then along comes Nadine. An email arrived today from her expressing her desire to buy ARTK12’s Geography book bundle. She’s a member of Classical Conversations AND lives in Canada.

Well, nothing like a little push….or maybe a swift kick in the posterior regions for some good motivation.


So….long story short, we are now shipping to Canada. Shipping is a little steep and I don’t know what other fees you may incur importing books from the USA….but if you want ’em, we’ll ship ’em.

More Countries?

Yes. More coming. Probably Great Britain next. Then Australia. Then Europe…..who knows, maybe the whole world at some point. I guess that would be appropriate!

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