ARTK12 Now Ships to Mexico


Now Shipping Here!

In the course of my short life I have been to Mexico City, Mazatlán, Ensenada and Tijuana, Mexico. Having lived in the San Diego area most of my life I made the trek to Tijuana and Ensenada many times. My trip to Mazatlán entailed a 24 hour train ride. We played lots of cards and tried to sleep sitting up. The food on all these trips was fabulous! But I digress, I can always digress where food is concerned.

So, we are now shipping to Mexico. Not much else to say about that. I could make something up. I could try to be witty, try to regale you with my knowledge of our neighbor to the south. I could. But I won’t. All I’ll say is:

We now ship to Mexico with both Standard and Expedited shipping. Enjoy!

Adiós Amigos!

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