Probably like many of you the last four years have not been a boon economically for ARTK12. We’re not complaining or asking for sympathy just stating the facts. We’ve been discussing how to bring our income back up and sometime back we asked for input from you which has resulted in our next book scheduled to be out this summer: Draw the Body: Organs in our new Anatomy Disguised as Fun Series. Two other books resulted from customer input that are already out: Draw Renaissance Art and Renaissance Forgeries.

Thanks for the help. We appreciate it.

In the past we’ve tried traditional marketing at various times and have never experienced much success at it. Okay, no success. Our best marketing has always been word-of-mouth. That’s how ARTK12 got on the map and I suspect that’s what will keep ARTK12 on map (excuse the shameless reference to our map books).

We’re going to try affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, essentially, you sign up on our website to promote our books. You create your own special link that you can use across social media, email, websites or wherever. When someone clicks that link, we track them on the website and if they buy something you make money. We pay you at the end of the month or at certain thresholds. You’ll have a dashboard where you can see sales you’ve generated and money owed you along with some other affiliate stuff (stuff is a highly technical term, by the way).

A Partnership

We are hoping that our new affiliate program will benefit both ARTK12 and those of you who want to participate.

For us, it’s a way to advertise without spending money up front. We only spend money if an affiliate generates a sale.

For you, it’s a way to make a little money (or more depending on your reach and motivation) without any start up costs promoting books you believe in.

It’s essentially a Word-of-Mouth advertising program.

We’ll be paying 5% on every sale generated by an affiliate (before taxes and shipping) with reward levels that go up to 8%. Our best-selling product is the geography bundle that sells for $149.95 if all nine books are purchased. That sale would pay out $7.50 to an affiliate at the 5% level.

We plan to up the percentage for people who generate a certain amount of revenue. This is our initial schedule:

  • Standard (5% – under $500 in ARTK12 Sales)
  • Bronze (6% – $500+ in ARTK12 Sales)
  • Silver (7% – $2,500+ in ARTK12 Sales)
  • Gold (8% – $5,000+ in ARTK12 Sales)

How Do I Do This?

We’ve set up a page that gives you all the instructions to get started. It’s not a complicated process and should only take 10-15 minutes to sign up.

Then it’s up to you how you promote our books. We’ll provide marketing materials if you want them, but you’re also free to create what you want.

Please read our Affiliate Terms and Conditions if you are planning to participate.

Let us know if you have questions:

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