ARTK12 Staff

Here they are! The esteemed staff of ARTK12.COM!

Kristin J. Draeger

Founder / Author

Kristin started ARTK12 in the fall of 2000 with a small class of 6 students. Over the next eight years those La Mesa, California classes grew to over 60 students with a waiting list. In 2008 she closed down her classes to focus on homeschooling her son and writing ARTK12 curriculum.

Kristin has over 20 books in print and has sold over 120,000 books. Her Draw the World series is a homeschool favorite and used by thousands of students across the USA. Her American Art History series has received great reviews from homeschool parents and Rainbow Resource.

Kristin graduated from San Diego State University summa cum laude with a degree in history. For two years she studied painting with the renowned Spanish artist Sebastian Capella. Currently Kristin is studying with Mandy Theis, a licensed art teacher and atelier-trained artist. Ateliers are art schools that teach realistic drawing and painting skills the way the Old Masters learned them. Kristin will be selling her art in the future.

Glen Draeger

Sales / Webmaster / Author

Glen’s claim to fame is marrying Kristin in 1990. Other than that he has held jobs as a high school teacher, a delivery guy, a candlemaker and tennis court construction dude.  He holds (yes, it’s in his hands now!) a B.S. degree in Physical Education and a M.A. in Education. He is currently owner of Sweet Thursday Web Development (since 2006) and was fortunate enough to land the ARTK12 website gig after some fairly intense negotiations with the founder.

Glen is the author of USA Bingo, Draw the Natural Wonders of the USA, Draw the Natural Wonders of Europe, Draw the Natural Wonders of Africa, a contributing author of Africa Bingo, editor of a book about his grandfather, The Worse for It: The World War I Letters and Artifacts of Private First Class Robert E. Schalles and author/editor of the series: Literature Disguised as Fun which currently has 15 books including additional hardbacks for some titles.

His Bacon number is 2.

Phone: 928.533.1661

Seth Draeger

Videos / Order Processer

Seth was homeschooled save for one semester in the 8th grade. He loves to read and discuss movies, video games, politics, religion and anything else you are game for. He processes all orders placed on the ARTK12 website. He is fast. Really fast, so fast that it makes his father nervous to watch and bit envious too.

Caleb Short


As a card carrying member of both the history fanatic club and the fun guy group, Caleb enjoys many outlets for his creativity. Graduating from San Diego State University in 2018 with a bachelors in Social Work, he has since moved on to studying at the bad pun institute among other more formal ventures. Caleb enjoys petting dogs, walks on the beach with his wife, and the youth mentoring program where he volunteers. Caleb is a contributing author to Africa Bingo.