Creation of the World book cover by Kristin J. Draeger at ARTK12We are in the midst of proofing Creation of the World, ARTK12’s newest children’s book. I think we just finished round three, a round that we all thought would be the last. The Almighty Author, The Son and myself, The Husband, have all been involved. We thought this one would be the winner, the Holy Grail of the proofing experience.

So we get the proof in the mail a couple of days ago. I open it to start proofing and on the very first page, the very beginning as it were, the start of the book, there were two typos. Two. On the first page. We’ve read that page countless times. But there they were literally in black and white. Short, simple sentences…with typos.

But Why Me?

I know what you’re thinking. Why am I reading this? What has this got to do with me? Everything! I know all of you have been waiting impatiently to purchase this book. I know you’ve been wondering where it is and why it is not in your hands. Well, your well-being may actually hinge on the publication date of this book. Your children have been asking again and again, “Where is it? Please, tell me when will it come?” Maybe? Possibly? Perhaps in an alternate reality? Somewhat likely?

Okay….maybe not.

Never mind.

Carry on.

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