Bamboo, Yurts and Pandas, Oh My!

Two Cute Panda BearsCalifornia to Arizona

This week I’m back at work. Why back? My husband, son and I just moved from San Diego, California to Prescott Valley, Arizona so I’ve been distracted and busy (understatement:) lately. Why did we move? Yeah, we’ve been getting that question a lot. It’s a really long story that would require its own blog entry but to put it briefly: health reasons. My son and I have a genetic health problem and we are hoping clean air (Prescott Valley has some of the cleanest air in the country) and a new clean house will help. On top of that, it’s beautiful here.

Back to Work!

That said, I’m back at work. I’m beginning the second volume of Asia in the geography series and just finished the two page layout design. I love doing these designs. I use some designs by a very talented Israeli artist named Marina Zlochin and I fill in with more buildings and drawings both by myself and other artists.

This volume is centered on East and Southeast Asia so there is a more Chinese/Buddhist flavor. Here is a sneak peek at the images:

Draw Asia Volume 2, Page Art 1 Draw Asia Volume 2, Page Art 2

My favorite images are the bamboo, the yurt and the pandas. Love the pandas!

It takes longer than you would think (I’m always underestimating how long something is going to take me) to pick the images, size them, color them and organize them into a pleasing display that balances height, color and content. Especially when you’re not a professional designer. Which I’m not. I dream of the day that I can hire someone to design my books:) Sigh.

Anyway, on to drawing the map!

As always, thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for my geography series. I love hearing your comments.


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