I know this is all terribly exciting, but I’ll try to maintain my composure if possible.

Shipment tracking has always been here if the truth be told and I am telling the truth, so I guess the truth is being told. Ask around. The authorities will confirm this.

It’s just that tracking info has not been the easiest thing for you, the most loyal, the most intelligent and the greatest customers who have ever taken on the task of educating our future geniuses, to access. I can lay it on thick when I need to, but probably could be a little more subtle. I’ll work on that.

Shipment Tracking: It’s Better Now

In the past we sent out tracking information. We did. Seriously. And then they moved all our books to KDP and started shipping your orders in 2 and 3 shipments at different times and the hiking weather was really getting good and the books would still arrive even if we didn’t send tracking information and the hiking weather seemed to just get better and better and books do still arrive and then Endgame came out and we had to go see that and the books still arrive even if no one ever sees a tracking number or Endgame and then spring arrived and the weather was warm and there were projects to do in the backyard and the books arrive on a regular basis without anyone ever seeing tracking numbers and there was that good hiking weather.

But now it’s better for you and easier for us. From here on out you’ll be receiving your tracking information in the emails we send you. And you’ll also have access to the information in your ARTK12 account (assuming you created one). I know, I know, you can sleep soundly and blissfully now and you have us to thank for that…our pleasure and you’re too kind and you’re welcome!

Some Awesome Screenshots to Inspire and Amaze

So now I’ll regale you with two screenshots very few of you will care that much about, but that’s never stopped me before and it won’t stop me now so step back from the computer screen (or if you’re on a phone hold it at arm’s length) and prepare yourself.

Wow! Just Wow! Spread the news far and wide!

Oh and happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!


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