Bible verse card finished

Verse Card

Kristin has been working hard on her new book Create Bible Verse Cards, Volume I., our publisher, informed us a few months ago we had to move all our books to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), a different arm of their print publishing company (we had been using Createspace for years).

There are always growing pains with this sort of thing and the first hurdle for Kristin was formatting the book so that KDP’s online checker would okay it. Createspace, apparently, was a little more lenient. We liked lenient. After a week or two of Kristin editing, uploading, checking and repeating this process, the book is finally ready for us to proof it.

I can guarantee there will be issues with this first run. We should get these proofs in a couple of weeks and make changes and repeat the process until it’s ready. Kristin is hoping to publish this first in the series sometime in early 2019.

The Future Series

Now that this first book is essentially finished, Kristin has been doing a lot of research for the next one. This one will be part of a trilogy that Kristin is planning for the future. Each section or theme from the Bible will be covered with a trio of books:

  • A main book that covers a section or theme from the Bible illustrated with great art and explanations about that art.
  • A verse card book with verses from the section or theme from the Bible and the great art
  • A children’s book (Pre-K) that covers the section or theme from the Bible using rhymes and great art

If all goes well Kristin will be creating trilogies of major sections and themes from the Bible. The first? The beginning of the series? The first series to be created? Take a guess. You’re right!


We’ll keep you posted!


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