The new Bible verse card book (Create Bible Verse Cards: Volume I) will come with not only a Bible verse card project for each of the ten verses, but with several other projects that can be completed all at once or on a daily basis. The projects for each verse include:

Bible verse bracelet projects

Three Verse Bracelets

  • The verse card
  • Three bracelets
  • Matching game (the game is complete after all 10 verses in the book are completed creating 20 matching game cards)
  • A small card for a keychain
  • A bookmark
  • Writing paper for younger students
  • A poster of the main art used on the verse card

Extensive Testing!

One of the things we do with books before publication is to try them out. This helps deal with unforeseen problems in the final stages before publication. That’s the plan anyway. Our son is now 21 which means the testing falls to me, The Husband. Apparently, I’m the closest thing we have to a young student.

So below you will see the result me creating the various projects in the new upcoming Bible verse card book.

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Image showing all the Bible verse projects

Showing the Bible verse projects
(not pictured: poster)


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