USA Bingo: Montana

We are working hard on Bingo USA, the second book in our geography bingo series. We reached South Dakota this week. That gives us 10 more states to go, along with the Great Lakes. On the latter we’re not sure if we’re going to do each individual Great Lake or just all of them together.

Planned publication is for June of 2020.

Which State?

The back of each flash card will have two clues written more or less as a short little vignette. Here’s some sample text (first draft, so this may change):

This is kind of eerie walking on the shore of Lake Erie at night. We can walk east on this shore from Toledo, just south of Michigan, for about 185 miles and still be in this state. The eerie Lake Erie forms the middle and northeastern border of this state. I have a theory about why Erie is eerie at night. When you’re weary Erie is way more eerie than when you’re cheery. But even if you’re cheery it’s still good to be leary when you’re walking on the shore of Lake Erie because at night it can be dreary. We’ll go east to Pennsylvania, but even there we’ll still be on the eerie shore of Lake Erie whether we’re cheery or weary and that’s not a theory, deary. Now Mr. O’leary he never feels weary, nor does he think Lake Erie is eerie. He’s from Cleveland and walks east and west on the shore of Lake Erie while contemplating the quantum theory and the music of Salieri. Which state is he in?

And the state is…………Ohio.

Which State and Capital?

In addition to the vignettes there will be a quirky rhyme to learn the capital of each state. Here’s an example:

My new Yorkshire Terrier is much smaller than my Saint Bernard.
Its head doesn’t reach Al’s boney knee even when its jumping hard.

The New York capital is Albany

Geography Bingo Cards

The book will have 20 bingo cards, 10 usable at any one time. Here are a few sample squares for the bingo cards.

We’ll keep you posted as this progresses.

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