Better Shipment Tracking is Here!

Now it’s easier to see when your books will arrive. Yes, you guessed it (I knew you would), ARTK12 now has bigger and better shipment tracking information. So track your orders when you’re eating, sleeping, at the movies, grocery shopping…really anywhere anytime because we know that’s the kind of service you want and deserve! 24/7 shipment tracking. We know you want to learn more! So click that button below before it disappears…..4, 3, 2, 1……

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May 2019 Coupon Starts Today!

Want 10% off all the ARTK12 books on our website? Of course you do! With always free shipping and our already big savings off the retail price without a coupon, this is a great deal. Use coupon code: SPRINGBLOG2019 and go home happy….or….turn off your computer happy or put down your phone happy or the iPad or your friend’s phone. Oh, I don’t know! Just be happy!

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