New Retailer: Exodus Books

There’s a new retailer in our growing house: Exodus Books. They’ve got hundreds, wait, no thousands of books. Over 25,000 and now they’ve got ARTK12 books. Surely this means they have arrived in retailer paradise. And they use the Oxford comma, semi-colons, periods and other great punctuation marks. Check it out!

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The Natural Homeschool Reviews ARTK12 Geography

The Natural Homeschool reviewed 7 of our geography books. They are also running a giveaway contest. The winner gets the entire geography set (9 books!) for free. That’s a pretty good deal. If it was me (and I am me), I’d go for that deal, what have you go to lose? And if you don’t win? There’s a coupon for 10% off all our books. Free is better, but you take what you can get, right?

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Better Shipment Tracking is Here!

Now it’s easier to see when your books will arrive. Yes, you guessed it (I knew you would), ARTK12 now has bigger and better shipment tracking information. So track your orders when you’re eating, sleeping, at the movies, grocery shopping…really anywhere anytime because we know that’s the kind of service you want and deserve! 24/7 shipment tracking. We know you want to learn more! So click that button below before it disappears…..4, 3, 2, 1……

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