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Seurat Pointillism Art Project

This week I spent most of my time preparing a Pointillism project for one of Lucy’s classes. I wanted to use Seurat’s La Grande Jatte but having the kids draw the entire painting was out of the question. So I took a small corner of the painting and adjusted it to the abilities of 8-12 year-old boys.

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I am Husband…Hear me Whine

I know what you want to ask. “So what is it REALLY LIKE to LIVE with Kristin, the founder of ARTK12?” Well, probably a lot like you’d expect. It’s like fireworks are going off everyday. Confetti inexplicably falls from the sky. At times the rain stops just to let us cross the street. It’s like Disneyland on steroids, a perpetual vacation at an upscale resort…

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