Educational Children’s Books: Geography

Going somewhere? If you are, you need to know where you are going. Knowing the name is not enough. Geography is, among other things, about the “where” of places and there are dozens and dozens of great geography books for your students that will both educate and entertain. Let’s go!

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First Newsletter Book Contest Is Over

Well, the free book contest is over. There were 10 winners. These champions fought their way to the very top of the heap, avoiding pitfalls and obstacles to come away victorious! The thrill of victory was theirs and theirs alone. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Or was that a movie I watched last night? No matter. Don’t despair. Another newsletter contest is coming for another new ARTK12 book.

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Free Books!

Time for some excitement. Hey, don’t be left out. No one wants to be left out. Keep up! What if you could have won and didn’t? It could haunt you until next Thursday. Free books! Don’t miss out! Seriously, read this now! If I haven’t annoyed you yet, you win! You’ve got more patience than I do.

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