Extra American Art Bingo Cards are Here!

We know you’ve been waiting. We know your students have been pestering you. We know you’ve wondered if it would ever happen. And we know you’ve been losing sleep over it. We’re very sorry, but now the time has come! Our extra bingo cards will allow you to play American Art Bingo with up to 40 students. You’re welcome!

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Things are Hopping

Stuff is happening here at ARTK12. I know it’s hard to believe that we’re not just sitting around waiting for Christmas, but we are not! Well, maybe a little bit, but that doesn’t mean stuff is not getting done. Important stuff! Lots of stuff! What stuff you ask? Find out here.

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There is some ARTK12 news looming on the horizon. We just can’t say what it is yet. Nothing too big, but you take what you can get in this world. Learn why that news is better than an emergency room visit. Seriously, it is.

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September 2017 Special! Free Art History Books

It’s the stupendous September special! Buy a geography map set and get the American Art History Semester One, book bundle absolutely free! Well, sort of. You do have to buy the map set. So it’s not exactly free, but it’s sort of free in a typical retailer kind of way. Hey, you’ll save money…assuming you were going to buy the map set anyway. You know what I’m saying! Just don’t think about it. It’ll make more sense that way.

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