American Art Bingo Classroom Bundle

Bored students got you down? Does American Art History seem a little daunting? Well friends and neighbors you are in luck! The ARTK12 American Art Bingo Classroom Bundle is here to rescue you and your students. Play the game with up to 40 students at one time. They learn great pieces of art and have fun doing it. Many ways to play. Enjoy!

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Proofreading Africa Bingo

Proofreding. Profreading. Aughhh! Proofreading can be more difficult than it seems. We are getting Africa Bingo ready for publicaton. Pubblication. Publication. And this entails a lot of editing and proofreading. Find out moe. Moore. More! Find out more in this blog post. Whew! Enjy! Aughh!!. Enjoy? Enjoy! Time for bed!

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