Draw the Body

A while back we sent out a newsletter asking if there was anything you, as homeschoolers, were looking for. You can see comments we got on our post, Ideas: What do you need or want?

Two people thought a “Draw the Body” book or “Draw the Body Series” would be a good idea and couple of others when asked also thought they’d like that. So we are planning to start work on that new series in January. The plan is to call the series: Draw the Body and begin with two books to see how they are received:

  • Draw the Body: Organs
  • Draw the Body: Skeleton

Like the map books there will be easy step-by-step instructions. In the book about body organs we plan on the student drawing the entire body with organs and then drawing individual organs after that with information about the organs and drawing instructions when necessary. There will also be some fun along the way.


We’ve been trying to think of less expensive ways to provide useful, academic content for homeschoolers and what that content might be. We haven’t come up with much. PDFs are an obvious answer, but it appears most people want books. In books, black and white content is cheapest, but that doesn’t lend itself well to art or children’s books. We’re still thinking…and thinking…and thinking.

Drawing and Forgeries

The new series we’ll be working on until the end of the year is a Draw and Forgery series based on eras. The first era we’ll be covering is the Renaissance and these two books are nearly completed:

Some sample pages:

These books are based on Kristin’s classes from back in the day and we are planning on six more books:

  • Draw Impressionist
  • Impressionist Forgeries
  • Draw Medieval
  • Medieval Forgeries
  • Draw Ancient
  • Ancient Forgeries

Since most of the work is already done for these books, we hope to have all eight out by the end of the year.

Once both our Renaissance books are completed we’ll be running a free book contest for U.S. residents. Winners will be able to choose one or the other. You must be a newsletter subscriber to participate. Use the button at the bottom of the page to subscribe.

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