Screenshot of the future Homeschooling with Real Books will be the next ARTK12 website to launch within the next couple of months. is based on Kristin’s book: Serious Fun: Homeschooling with Real Books

Curated by Kristin J. Draeger

Before Kristin wrote the Draw the World series, she taught art history to homeschoolers (and some public schoolers). She had over 60 students a week and often had a waiting list. One of the things that students and parents loved were the books. Every week the students could pick out books from Kristin’s large library to take home and read, books that she used to homeschool our son and books she researched and read to decide whether to include them in Serious Fun. These are not dry textbooks, these are fun and informative books. It’s what we would call “Learning Disguised as Fun.”

The new website intends to make looking for great books for your students easy. You will be able to:

  • View books by category
  • View books by series
  • View books for appropriate student ages
  • View books by author

There will also be a search feature.


With a account you’ll be able to create a wishlist and access it at any time. The information you enter to create your account WILL ONLY be used for the new website and your wishlist.

The goal is to launch the site with a hundred books or so and to keep adding to the site over the coming years.

Farther down the road we’ll be adding more extensive reviews of the books.

But Why Are You Doing This? I must know!

This will be an affiliate site, meaning if you click to buy the book or books at we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Along with providing this service, we’d like to make a little money. It won’t cost you any more to buy the books, but you’ll be providing pizza and ice cream for this overworked webmaster and his family. Important stuff!

We’ll keep you posted on the launch date. When we launch we’ll also send out a newsletter. So signup for the newsletter if you haven’t already.


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