Bulk Order (online)

If you are a retailer in California, please DO NOT order on the website, as the system will charge you tax. Contact us. Thanks!

NEW! You can now bulk order directly from our website. Applies to single books in any combination. Bundles are not eligible for bulk ordering. BULK ORDERS CANNOT BE RETURNED unless books are damaged. Make sure you want the books before doing a bulk order. Shipping is included for USA destinations. Current discounts* are based on ARTK12 website and retail prices (see table).

*Book thresholds and discount rates may change at anytime and may not be the same for all books.

Bulk Discount Rates
Number of BooksDiscount
25 - 3430% off retail
17.5% off ARTK12
35 - 4933.5% off retail
22% off ARTK12
50+40% off retail
29% off ARTK12

If you are seeing the 40% discount off retail prices on the main bulk ordering page for 50 or more books and wondering if this is the same, it is. The 50+ discount on our website amounts to a 40% discount off of the retail price. I.e. it ends up being the same discount, but because our prices are lower than retail the percentage discount on ARTK12 is less. Please contact us if you have questions: info@artk12.com.