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American Art Bingo Classroom Bundle

Bored students got you down? Does American Art History seem a little daunting? Well friends and neighbors you are in luck! The ARTK12 American Art Bingo Classroom Bundle is here to rescue you and your students. Play the game with up to 40 students at one time. They learn great pieces of art and have fun doing it. Many ways to play. Enjoy!

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Art in Real Life

But do the art pieces studied in ARTK12’s American Art History books actually exist? The conspiracy theories abound! But today a person in the real world offers definitive proof of real art in real life! Buckle your seat belt, Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye.

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Ancient History and Ancient Art

Two works of fiction that I highly recommend highlight eras in ancient history and highlight ancient works of art. It is a rare combination, but author Marjorie Cowley is a master at both engaging and teaching children. I use both these books in my art history classes and highly recommend them for any excursion into…

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Why Learn About Art?

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, former curator and Fellow for Research at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston wrote an essay entitled Why Exhibit Works of Art? Throughout my art history and teaching career, this essay has been pivotal in developing my own philosophy of art. His ideas go against much of what passes as art education…

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American Art History and Literature

Just as the works of early American artists can be accessible to young students, so can real works of early American literature. A local teacher that I work with asked if I could expand my companion reading list to include literature, thus making the curriculum a full humanities curriculum. After searching through the literature currently…

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