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May 2019 Coupon Starts Today!

Want 10% off all the ARTK12 books on our website? Of course you do! With always free shipping and our already big savings off the retail price without a coupon, this is a great deal. Use coupon code: SPRINGBLOG2019 and go home happy….or….turn off your computer happy or put down your phone happy or the iPad or your friend’s phone. Oh, I don’t know! Just be happy!

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First Newsletter Book Contest Is Over

Well, the free book contest is over. There were 10 winners. These champions fought their way to the very top of the heap, avoiding pitfalls and obstacles to come away victorious! The thrill of victory was theirs and theirs alone. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Or was that a movie I watched last night? No matter. Don’t despair. Another newsletter contest is coming for another new ARTK12 book.

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Free Books!

Time for some excitement. Hey, don’t be left out. No one wants to be left out. Keep up! What if you could have won and didn’t? It could haunt you until next Thursday. Free books! Don’t miss out! Seriously, read this now! If I haven’t annoyed you yet, you win! You’ve got more patience than I do.

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September 2017 Special! Free Art History Books

It’s the stupendous September special! Buy a geography map set and get the American Art History Semester One, book bundle absolutely free! Well, sort of. You do have to buy the map set. So it’s not exactly free, but it’s sort of free in a typical retailer kind of way. Hey, you’ll save money…assuming you were going to buy the map set anyway. You know what I’m saying! Just don’t think about it. It’ll make more sense that way.

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