CC Maple Mama on Draw Canada & Greenland

ARTK12 Reviews, Mother and her son showing a thumbs upI’m just sayin’, “CC Maple Mama” is a great name.  For those of you who do not know, CC stands for “Classical Conversations” and if you don’t know what that is make sure to find out. CC Maple Mama likes Kristin’s book, Draw Canada & Greenland. She includes it in her blog, “5 resources to help your kids discover Canada!”

CC Maple Mama’s tagline is: Encouraging Canadian CC Homeschoolers Sea to Sea. Maybe a few of us from the USA can sneak in unnoticed! May as well try.

Draw Canada and Greenland Book CoverThis is not a full on review of the book, but CC Maple Mama does dedicate a few paragraphs to it. Here’s my favorite part:

“The hardest part of this is to get them [your children] to stop. The first time we opened the book, we armed ourselves with rulers, pencils, paper and erasers and went at it. It was so much fun…”

You can access the full blog, “5 resources to help your kids discover Canada!”, below.

Full CC Maple Mama Review »

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And one last time: “CC Maple Mama!!” You go girl! Man, I need a better name. I’m going to have to think about this.


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