Compliments for ARTK12 Geography Books

ARTK12 Reviews, Mother and her daughter showing a thumbs upRecently my map books (Draw the USA, Draw Europe and Draw Africa) have been receiving more kind words from homeschoolers across the internet. Two websites, Under the Sycamore and Recipes for Family Life talk about using my Geography Draw Books with their children.

Recipes for Family Life

On the Recipes for Family Life website Christy writes in her post “Resources for Drawing the World”:

Sources we have found EXTREMELY helpful for drawing maps in our home are the new DRAW books by Kristin J. Draeger.

My students’ map drawing has gone from 0 to 60 in 4 weeks or less. It also builds their confidence in their ability to draw continents and countries when they use these books.

Read Christy’s Article

Under the Sycamore

Ashley from Under the Sycamore had a friend recommend my books. What I love about Ashley’s article, “taking on the globe {drawing africa}” is what she did with the Draw Africa book for her children. She took the book apart and put it in a notebook. Wow, that really tells the story doesn’t it? But you are in luck, Ashley is also a professional photographer (I wondered about that when I first saw her photos) and she has documented the entire process in the article. Have a look!

Read Ashley’s Article

I have really enjoyed creating these books and I’m very thankful that so many are finding them helpful. Draw Canada and Greenland was released for publication just a few days ago. I’ll be tackling the rest of the globe this year and next.


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