Convention Baby! Convention, Baby?

Packed and Ready for the Convention: ARTK12

It’s all going to the convention….okay, not the dog.

The Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario, California is coming up. Less than a week away! June 15 – 17, 2017.

One Free Map Book (Maybe Two)

So the first person to come up to me (The Husband) and it has to be me, not Miss Lucy, I’ll be the only male in the booth so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Anyway, the first person to come up to me and say, without saying anything else beforehand. This has to be the first thing you say. The very first thing. Out of the blue, as it were. Here’s what you have to say….are you ready? Here we go:

ARTK12 Rocks!

Now there is one caveat to this…..if two of you come up to me…and you have to say it first following the same rules above, and you have to say it together….in stereo as it were….you will each get 1 free map book.

That’s it. It only works once. First come, one or two winners. Then, of course, I have to take your picture and put it on the website… by playing the game you are giving ARTK12 permission to put your photo on this website. Seriously? Yeah, seriously. I need to say that. And you’ll have to sign a photo release form….yes, yes, yes, so many hoops for ARTK12 to elegantly jump through!

Go Directly to ARTK12. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200.00. Buy Some Great Books

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Marco? Polo! 830!

Where will we be? Well, we have the distinction of having the unique booth number of 830. Wow! Awesome. What a number! Television shows start at 8:30. It is also the area code around San Antonio, Texas. According to Wikipedia “Year 830 (DCCCXXX) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar.” Honestly, I don’t know what that means. The California Angels radio station is AM 830. An 830 credit score is considered EXCEPTIONAL. And last, but certainly not least, 830 is the highest score ever scored by a Scrabble® player! It really has to be some kind of omen. I’m convinced!

Book Prices

Here are our convention prices. All prices include the hefty California tax (Sorry about that). Don’t blame me…I’m just the messenger.

Book(s) Price (includes tax) Retail (excluding Tax)
Any Map Book $18.00 $19.95
American Art Bingo, Volume I or II $18.00 $19.95
Drawing American Art, Volume I or II $24.00 $29.95
American Art History, Volume I or II $32.00 $39.95
Serious Fun: Homeschooling w/ Real Books $10.00 $14.95
 Book Sets / Bundles (While Supplies Last)  
Map Book Set (9 books)  $150.00  $179.55
Full American Art History Set (6 books)  $125.00  $179.70
American Art History Semester I or II (3 books)  $65.00  $89.85

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